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Slim White Nicotine Pouches

the flavours

The white pouches are made of soft viscose fleece and contain flavours and plantbased nicotine for 100% taste, 100% rush and 0% tobacco. One pouch, one SNØTIME.

Each can of SNØ contains 20 fresh nicotine pouches. SNØ comes in two strengths: 16 mg/g nicotine for SNØ Classic and SNØ Fresh, and 12 mg/g nicotine for SNØ Mint. It still packs a punch, but with less nicotine ...

Three flavours. Two strengths.

SNØ Classic

SNØ Classic

SNØ Classic is the classic salty flavour of snus with menthol and eucalyptus. more info
SNØ Fresh

SNØ Fresh

SNØ Fresh is sweet and minty with an intense burning sensation. more info
SNØ Mint

SNØ Mint

SNØ Mint is a sweet and refreshing treat with spearmint and menthol. more info

SNØ Nicotine Pouches
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