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No smoking?
SNØ what!

Nicotine Pouches

SNØ are small, white pouches made of soft viscose fleece. They contain flavours and plantbased nicotine for 100% taste, 100% rush and 0% tobacco. Yes to nicotine, no to smoking? It’s SNØTIME.

Nicotine pouches tin

SNØTIME. Anytime. Anywhere.

No smoking area? So what! Smoking ban? So what! In a meeting, in the office, on the train, on the plane, during exercise… no smoking, please? So what!

Let‘s be honest: Is there any cooler way of enjoying a nicotine rush? Anytime. Anywhere. Even under water, on the ISS or on Mars. No smoke. No vapour. No problem. Ultimate freedom. That’s SNØ.

Four flavours. Three strengths.

No smoking sign

We want to make SNØ easy to use, so it comes in four flavours and three strengths. The strength bars on the can will tell you how much nicotine each pouch contains: 3 bars for 12 mg/g, 5 bars for 16 mg/g and 7 bars for 20 mg/g. Each can of SNØ contains 20 fresh nicotine pouches. That’s 20 SNØTIMES.


SNØ Nicotine Pouches
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